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Inheritance Trilogy Read-A-Long
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19th-Jul-2007 07:42 pm
narnia // aslan > you
Quite a few of the chapters are extremely short, so quite a few days have three chapters, some days have two chapters, and a smaller few days consist of only one chapter.

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Day One - August 1
Prologue: Shade of Fear
Palancar Valley

Day Two - August 2
Dragon Tales

Day Three - August 3
Fate's Gift
Tea for Two

Day Four - August 4
A Name of Power
A Miller-To-Be
Strangers in Carvahall

Day Five - August 5
Flight of Destiny
The Doom of Innocence

Day Six - August 6
The Madness of Life
A Rider's Blade

Day Seven - August 7
Thunder Roar and Lightning Crackle

Day Eight - August 8
Revelation at Yazuac

Day Nine - August 9
Magic is the Simplest Thing

Day Ten - August 10
Through a Dragon's Eye
A Song For the Road
A Taste of Teirm

Day Eleven - August 11
An Old Friend

Day Twelve - August 12
The Witch And The Werecat
Of Reading and Plots

Day Thirteen - August 13
Thieves In The Castle
A Costly Mistake

Day Fourteen - August 14
Vision of Perfection
Master of the Blade
The Mire of Dras-Leona

Day Fifteen - August 15
Trail of Oil
Worshipers of Helgrind
The Ra'zac's Revenge

Day Sixteen - August 16
Legacy of a Rider
Diamond Tomb

Day Seventeen - August 17
Capture at Gil'ead
Du Sundavar Freohr

Day Eighteen - August 18
Fighting Shadows
A Warrior and a Healer
Water from Sand

Day Nineteen - August 19
The Ramr River
The Hadarac Desert
A Path Revealed

Day Twenty - August 20
A Clash of Wills
Flight Through the Valley

Day Twenty-One - August 21
The Horns of Dilemma
Hunting for Answers

Day Twenty-Two - August 22
The Glory of Tronjheim

Day Twenty-Three - August 23
Bless the Child, Argetlam
Mandrake Root and Newt's Tongue

Day Twenty-Four - August 24
Hall of the Mountain King

Day Twenty-Five - August 25
Arya's Test
The Shadows Lengthen

Day Twenty-Six - August 26
Battle Under Farthen Dur
The Mourning Sage

I'll paste this in tomorrow!
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