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Inheritance Trilogy Read-A-Long
We Start on Wednesday! 
30th-Jul-2007 12:41 am
narnia // aslan > you
Greetings Eragon fans! I promised I'd keep you all updated on schedules and other goodies! We've officially set a start date! AUGUST 1, 2007! I realize that's only a few days away, but still plenty time for all of us to borrow, check out, or purchase our books. Also, I have some solutions for those of you that might be unable to acquire a book between now and then. For information on that, you might want to keep an eye out here! Feel free to sign up and participate in the Read-A-Long forum I have set up in addition to this place!

The Eragon Schedule post has been updated to reflect each date and also a link to a .pdf of the schedule has been added to that post as well.

I should have the Eldest Schedule up in the next day or so as well as .pdf calendars for your printing needs as well!

In addition to all of that good stuff, I also have a few tools to assist each of us in spreading the word about our Read-A-Long! Please grab a button or banner and tell your friend lists about us! The more participation we have, the more fun this experience will be!

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